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best sofa bed

Difference you can feel

best sofa bed

Comfort, quality, style and ease of use

Our sofa beds are designed with you in mind. Whether you need an extra bed for an office or an everyday family lounger we’ve got you covered. From formal contemporary to mid-century modern, you’ll find a sofa bed just right for your room, big or small.

We specialize in furniture for small spaces and tight spaces

All our furniture comes apart to easily fit through narrow hallways, up or down stairs and around corners. Our sofa beds make it easy for you to maximize your space.

You’ll find a great variety of comfort levels as well as design aesthetics, and we’re here to help you find your perfect fit. No matter your choice, rest assured that you are purchasing the world’s best sofa bed.


We have a number of sofa beds that adapt to your needs. Our modular sofa sets are perfect for smaller houses or cottages because they can be adjusted to suit a changing number of visitors.

The Sofa Bed Store offers free shipping across North America. Contact us today to find out what makes our sofa beds the best choice. Not sure which sofa bed works for your space? Give us a call, we’re here to help.


Thousands Enjoy Our Sofa Beds Nationwide-

  • Excellent service and great value. The 'Montreal' sofa bed is the best! Two thumbs way up!
    Paul - San Fransisco, USA
  • I was nervous about ordering online, but you guys really helped me decide. We bought the 'Play' sofa bed and couldn't be happier. Thanks again!
    Andrea - Kansas City, USA
  • Such nice people to deal with. No pressure, just good advice and good service. Like it should be! Five Stars!
    Sharon - Toronto, Canada
  • Guys, you really came through. Thanks for the rush order, our Christmas guests were well rested! -B
    Bram - Vancouver, Canada
  • My mom-in-law couldn't be happier, she visits every weekend and now has a proper bed!
    Susan - Texas, USA
  • What a perfect solution for our play room. We are so happy with our decision. Thank you for all your feedback.
    Gene - New York, USA
  • Our new 'Toronto' sofa bed is a welcome addition. The old "Pull-out couch" has officially been 'terminated'.
    Ron - Los Angeles, USA
  • Received our 'Stretch' sofa bed in under two weeks as promised. Thank you again, it looks great in our condo.
    Edith - Winnipeg, Canada
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