Movie Night Sofa Bed (Queen) - Walnut Arms

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The Movie Night is a lounger - a sofa bed with an extra deep seat. It is perfect for putting your feet up, curing into the corner and personalizing with your own selection of throw pillows.  

Made with our premium 10" thick mattress, the Movie Night can easily replace the need for a spare bedroom without compromising on the comfort of your guests.

This is our Movie Night with Walnut arms, we have a selection of other arm options to choose from (Upholstered, Armless, Black Stained Wood). The walnut arms create a more open feel and add a touch of mid-century modern to the style. Wood arms provide the advantage of being an easy to clean surface. They are also popular in cat-friendly homes since our friendly felines are less likely to regard wood arms as attractive scratching posts.

The Movie Night works great as a main sofa, in basements and entertainment rooms. Anywhere you and your family gathers, the Movie Night will be your favourite place to curl up. 

Bed Size: 79″ x 60″ (Queen)

  • Polyester fabric is soft, repels stains and cleans up easily.
  • Back cushions are a premium fiber-fill / feather mix
  • Easily opens and closes.
  • Assembly required to make it easy to ship, deliver and get through tight spaces. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 66 reviews
    Eliot T.
    Nice-looking sofa but cushions are down-filled - why isn’t this flagged?

    We were ready to love this sofa bed, and it does look nice, it also did fine for our guest to sleep on, even without folding it out. However, we were extremely disappointed that the back cushions are down - some people are allergic to it and it’s baffling that it would not be mentioned anywhere. Now we are stuck with an expensive sofa that we can’t sit on (unless we invest in new custom-made non-down back cushions) - but hopefully our next guests are not allergic to down and can enjoy sleeping on it.

    Cynthia W.
    Very Spacious Sofabed

    The Hollow arms give this sofabed a very airy look, which is especially useful if the sofa isn't placed against a wall like in my condo. I have it as a divider between our living space and dining area and it looks brilliant.

    The arms are great for holding books and drinksa nd are at the perfect height for your arms if you are sitting upright.

    The bed is huge and so much better than previous pullouts I have had.

    Very happy with my purchase!

    Angela D.
    Beautiful but deep

    The walnut arms on this sofa bed are stunning! They make the sofa seem really light and smaller than it is which is great for a place with limited space.
    The bed has a great mattress that feels like my actual bed.

    The only negative for me is how deep the sof is. Not the seat, but the whole sofa, as it meant i couldn't place it where I planned in the room as the door would open onto it and wouldn't be able to open the whole way, so keep that in mind.

    Russell K.
    Arms are great for cups

    The wooden arms on this sofabed are really great for cups and glasses. Plus because they are hollow they look nice and open in a smaller space, instead of overpowering the space.

    Oliver W.
    Great for a summer cottage

    I love this sofa as I use it in my lakeside cottage. Guests have all said it is great to sleep on and two people can sleep on it comfortably. They have also said how easy it is to convert into a bed.