Nest Storage Sofa Bed with Ottoman (Queen)

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Nest is the cozy sofa that works in just about any space. It is not as deep as our longer sofas, but it is deep enough to still curl up into. The seat is softer than most of our other sofas, giving it a more casual plush style.

The Seat glides open with absolute ease using a gas spring mechanism that requires very little effort while you simply guide it open. The legs automatically fold open when the seat is opened. Under the seat you can access the solid wood storage box base, providing a convenient place to keep all your guest bedding stored and ready. Simply pivot the back down and your bed is ready for sleeping.

The matching ottoman ensures you can put your feet up, have overflow seating, a coffee table alternative and storage. It has easy to open has storage with the same gas spring lifting mechanism as the sofa. Perfect for electronics and toys or just a quick way to stash your mess :)

Important: The seat and base of Nest ships pre-assembled, only the back and arms are required to be attached. This makes for very easy assembly, but a bulkier delivery than our other sofa beds. Please ensure that you can accommodate the largest box which is 80"x 32" 18" and approximately 180 lbs.

Nest Sofa Bed dimensions

Customer Reviews

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Elaine P.
Great Seat!

The depth on this seat is the best thing about it for me. As a shorter woman, on some couches I can't touch the floor if I want to sit upright, but I don't have that problem, with the Nest.

I'm only deducting one star because of how heavy it is, not to open, just to move around.

Barbara W.
I Really Love It!

Really soft seat that is just the right depth to sit upright in. The ottoman makes it into a neally nice sectional, but can be moved to make space or to be used as an extra seat.

Paula D.
Wish The Arms Were Thicker

I really love the Nest! The seat is the perfect depth for my partner and I.

The bed mattress is nice and firm but not hard, and is supportive as a sofa. The only downside is that I wish the arms were wide enough to hold a drink.

Iona G.
Great for the family!

The Nest is great for seating at least 3 people in our living room, and the bed is a really nice size for our visiting family members.
I only use the storage for bedding for the sofabed as you need to open the bed to get to it, which means it isn't really made for quick access throughout the day, but that is okay as any storage is a bonus for me so I am not too picky.

Juliette P.
Just as expected

After doing loads of research online and visiting the Toronto store a few times I bought the Nest.

It was exactly what I was looking for and fits really nicely into a large second bedroom which was converted into a lounge space.
It opens the easiesst of all the sofa beds I tried, and has a nice 7 inch mattress. Plus the storage can hold all the bedding needed for it!