We get a lot of questions about what to expect after placing an order. Most of your shipping questions are likely answered here, but I'll explain things with a scenario to help break it down.

Free shipping to Toronto

You've done your research and found the perfect sofa bed for your space. Simply choose the fabric you want (when options are available) and add it to your cart. Complete the checkout process and you're done. An email confirmation will be sent to your inbox (this may or may not end up in your junk mail, have a look if you can't find it) and an email will also be sent directly to our sales department. Your order will also automatically go into our shipping system and the warehouse will be notified. The sofa bed will be prepared for safe delivery to Toronto and the shippers will be notified to pick it up. For orders placed before noon on a business day, the shippers will usually pick it up the same day. Once it arrives in Toronto, you will receive a call to set up an appointment for delivery. Delivery of the sofa bed from Ottawa to Toronto generally happens in less then a week. The earlier in the week you order, the faster it will arrive!

Free shipping to Vancouver

Delivery across the country is just as simple as delivering a sofa bed to Montreal or Toronto from our warehouse in Ottawa. Orders placed earlier in the week and earlier in the day will benefit from faster pickup and faster delivery. Delivery of any sofa bed that is in stock generally can be made in under 2 weeks to Vancouver. Coastal island residents may have delays due to ferry crossings. 

What to expect when a sofa is shown as "Stock in Transit"

We do our best to keep all of our sofa beds in stock, but demand sometimes gets ahead of production. New fabrics and new models are also added on a regular basis. When a sofa bed you want is shown as "stock in transit, reserve yours now" this means that a new shipment of that sofa bed is currently in production or on it's way to us in Ottawa. You can still order and expect delivery in 8 weeks or less. Give us a call to get a more accurate timeline if you are in a hurry or have guests arriving within that time.

We deliver our sofa beds all across Canada, flat packed to make it easy for you to get them fast and easily move them into which ever room you need. Give us a call if you have and questions, we're here to help! 


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