Our most commonly asked questions can be found below.

I want to put a sofa bed into my basement, how do I know which sofa bed will fit down my stairs?

Our sofa beds are designed in Denmark, where small spaces and tight places are age old design considerations. All of our sofa beds come disassembled which allows you to bring them piece by piece through nearly any awkward or tight space. As a general rule, the largest part that needs to fit around corners is the seat.

For the Movie Night and Soho, the largest box is the seat. If you can get a twin mattress (without bending) down your stairs, then you can get the Soho or Movie Night down.

The Stretch in either queen or double will fit just about anywhere a person can. The largest box is 64x14x30 for the queen.

The Nest is the only sofa bed that can be tricky. The seat and base are solid wood and cannot be disassembled due to the heavy duty mechanism that goes into making the Nest such an easy sofa bed to open. The boxed base is about 180 lbs, 80x19x33. We've fit it into some tight spaces, but you'll want to check measurements first.

If you are still not sure, just give us a shout and we'll gladly give you the dimensions that you will need to ensure it gets where it needs to go.

Are your sofa beds comfortable to sleep on?

This is what sets us apart. Our sofa beds are made from pocket coil mattresses, the same premium mattress you might choose for your own bed. Not only does this make for a supportive and comfortable sleep, it also means your sofa bed will maintain its shape over years of use. Learn more about our mattresses here.

Do all your sofa beds require assembly?

Yes, they do. We ship all of our sofas flat-packed, this makes moving your sofa through tight spaces easy. Everything needed to assemble your sofa bed is included. 

I don't know if I should get a murphy bed (wall bed) or a sofa bed, is one better than the other?

That really depends on your needs. People used to gravitate to murphy beds because sofa beds just weren't comfortable. Our sofa beds are not like the ones of the past, they are comfortable and easy to set up. As a general rule, if you need seating in the room to truly create a multi-purpose room, Sofa Beds are a better solution. You get a good bed for the small amount of time you have guests and a comfortable sofa for your day to day enjoyment. However, if you really don't need any seating in the room, a wall bed might be the right solution for you. Choose carefully and don't compromise on quality. Wall beds are permanent and require high pressure hydraulic springs which can be dangerous if not installed by an experienced company. Spend the extra money on a well established specialty store. We might be able to recommend some good ones if you let us know your city.

What is a pocket-coil mattress?

Pocket-coils (also known as pocketed springs or Marshall Coils) are pre-compressed cylindrical coil springs, each sewn inside an individual cotton fabric pocket, which provide uplifting support on its own. When fitted together, the coils become an independent suspension system that contours to your form and weight, providing unsurpassed support and comfort. A pocket-coil mattress not only reduces physical pressure under the sleeper, but actually relieves it as well. Pocket-coils also retain their shape exceptionally well. 

Where do you ship to?

The Sofa Bed Store offers free delivery to most cities across Canada including but not limited to... Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Windsor, Charlottetown, Halifax, Fredericton, Quebec City, Montreal, Quebec, Winnipeg, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Victoria. Just about anywhere really. Northern locations or areas only accessible by ferry may incur additional charges.

For orders requiring shipping to the USA, please order through our US website; The Sofa Bed Store - USA

What makes your sofa beds better than the rest?

Two words, COMFORT and QUALITY. Our customers are continuously surprised just how comfortable our sofa beds really are. Made only with high quality materials, the emphasis on style and comfort are what make our sofa beds the best choice. Additionally, the designs are just smart. Built to be movable, modular, modern and sleek, we have a sofa bed for any space. How do we know our customers are happy? We regularly sell to our customers guests. There really is no better validation for us.

I'm still not sure which sofa bed is right for me, can you help?

Sure! We know our sofa beds inside and out. Have a particular size constraint, design dilemma or just need a recommendation? We're here to help. Give us a call or send us an email. 1-866-740-8309  / sales@thesofabedstore.com