Tips for cleaning your new sofa bed. 

Vacuum regularly

The easiest and quickest way to ensure your new sofa bed looks great is regular vacuuming. Everyone worries about spilling red wine on their new white furniture, but the real culprit is simply everyday dust and dirt. By running the vacuum over your upholstered furniture each time the room is cleaned, you will prevent accumulation of dirt before it makes its way into the weave of the fabric. For dirt and messes that have already stuck into the fabric simply loosen with a soft bristled brush, or even your finger nail before vacuuming. 

Dab, don't rub!

When stains have set in, dab at the spot with a very lightly damp cloth taking care to not rub. Remember that the objective is to lift the stain off the fabric. Rubbing upholstery will almost always result in pushing the stain into the fabric further. A combination of damp cloth and soft bristled brush can also be used if the stain has fully dried into the fabric. 


A few drops of coffee or a a full glass of milk. Eventually it happens and you've got a mess to clean. The majority of our sofas are upholstered in high-tech polyester for this reason. Polyester fabrics are formulated to be more stain resistant than the commonly used cottons and linens. Quick action and a cloth is usually all that is necessary to clean up even the worst spills. Dab at the spill with a dry cloth first to absorb as much of the liquid as possible. Follow up with a damp cloth and continue blotting the stain, being careful not to rub. For persistent stains, carpet and upholstery foam cleaners can help. We use Bissel Carpet and Upholstery foam in our showrooms and have had great results. 


All of our cushion covers are removable and can be dry cleaned when necessary.