Space Saving Furniture Solutions

Space Saving Furniture Solutions

Make the most of your space with these well designed, double duty furniture pieces. 

1. Sofa Bed / Sleeper Sofa

Sofa beds are the default multifunctional furniture most of us have in our homes. Gone are the days that you need to put up with the noisy metal contraption we often picture from our childhood. As our homes get smaller and our friends and family move further away, a good quality, comfortable sofa bed becomes more of a necessity. What used to be a compromise in comfort and style is now the preferred choice due to new styles and innovations. Our sofa beds are not built with a mattress that folds up and hides away inside. There is no noisy metal frame or springs poking into your back. When you need a bed and you need seating, a sofa bed is the obvious and most economical choice. We have love seat size sofa beds for small spaces, deep sofa beds for entertainment areas, sofa beds with storage and sofa beds with slip covers for worry free playrooms.  

With work from home becoming our new normal, spare bedrooms are becoming offices. Dedicating an entire room to occasional use may have been possible before, but is less and less likely today. And why should you? You can reclaim your space and still provide a comfortable place for your guests. Our sofa beds are built like the mattress on your bed, your guests will sleep great and can have the professional space you need. 

Shop our complete collection and learn what is new in the world of sofa beds... 

storage sofa bed

2. Murphy Bed / Wall Bed

When you need a bed that can tuck away, comfort shouldn't have to be sacrificed and murphy beds provide a great option. When a clear floor is priority and seating isn't necessary, murphy beds can help transform a spare room into an exercise space, office or playroom. Choosing one that doubles as shelving, a desk or storage will maximize its use and help integrate the wall bed into the space. 

contemporary murphy bed

The bookshelf on this murphy bed helps to offset the boxy look that wall beds often have. It gives you great shelving and organizational opportunities with a completely updated look. This isn't your grandmother's wall bed. Murphy beds do require professional installation and are a permanent fixture in a space.

wall bed

3. Sofa Arm Trays

You don't need a small space to benefit from an arm tray. Any sofa with an arm width that can support a glass can benefit. However, for a small space the added utility can help eliminate the need for a side table. Arm trays are great because they don't encourage clutter the same way a table might, they keep your wine at reach and keep your sofa arms clean. Win, win, win.

Arm tray for sofa

 Wide sofa arm tray shown with the Soho Sofa Bed

flexible sofa arm trayCan't find an arm tray to fit your sofa? Flexible ones that fit just about any size arm are a great solution. Get the one above from LipLap

4. Wheeled Carts 

Furniture that can double duty or be versatile can really help with the efficiency of a small space. Carts are a great way to mix function with fun. They make great bedside tables, bathroom storage solutions, kitchen spice racks or craft carts. But when you have guests coming, they are the perfect party tray. Just add Gin and a few mixers...

scandinavian style cart 

This Block Table from Normann Copenhagen is an easy piece to fit into any style space.  

5. Entertainment units

Wall divider entertainment unit

Every house needs to have one, but few take advantage of them. The one above doubles as a room divider while providing floor to ceiling storage. The space it takes up? An area that would probably not have been used. Clever.

6. Fun Rugs

Toys and more toys. Keeping a child's room uncluttered and usable is always a challenge regardless of the room size. Choosing furniture and accessories that can be used for fun as well as function will not only make the room more appealing for kids, but also take advantage of all the space available. Rugs are a great start. You need them, why not choose one that's fun. 

Fun children's rug

Just add cars, toy people and a little imagination.


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