Do you remember the last time you slept on a sofa bed?  Was it comfortable? Didn't think so.

Your friends need your help.  They have no idea that sofa beds can actually give their highly valued guests (you) a really good night's sleep. So go ahead, think of all of your friends who tried to save money at your expense and send them a friendly email.   

In return, if any of your friends ever buy from us, we'll send you a $100 discount code as a sincere thank you! 

Of course if you've already bought one, don't worry! Same deal for you, we'll just put the $100 back on your credit card.

Email link: Share with a Friend for $100!

All discount codes will be sent out 10 days after purchase. Your email address nor your friends' email addresses will be used for any reason whatsoever without your consent. Please approve the email prior to sending.

Thanks for sharing :)

The Sofa Bed Store™ Team